Upcoming Tournaments
March 24 (Sat)  9:00 AM- Sat-March 2018 Tournament @ Rancho Vista - Cancelled
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Rancho Vista

Deadline: March 15
Cost to Come
April 7 (Sat)  8:48 AM- Sat-April 2018 Tournament @ Elkins Ranch
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Elkins Ranch

Deadline: March 29
Maximum Number of Players: 32
COST: $90.00
Contact: Victor Garza
May 5 (Sat)  8:30 AM- Sat-May 2018 Tournament @ Wilson
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Wilson (Griffith Park)
Info Pending

Deadline: April 26
Maximum Number of Players: 32
Cost to Come
Contact: Victor Garza
June 3 (Sun)  8:00 AM- Sun-Anthony Delgadillo Memorial Match Play Golf Tournament @ Dam
Format: MatchPlay-Singles  at Hansen Dam Golf Course

Deadline: May 20
Maximum Number of Players: 32
Cost to Come
Contact: Victor Garza
Click here for Tournament Player List
July 8 (Sun)  9:30 AM- Sun-July 2018 Tournament @ Olivas Links
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Olivas Links
 Tournament Pending

Deadline: June 25
Maximum Number of Players: 32
COST: $100.00
Contact: Victor Garza
Welcome to the Hansen Dam Golf Club!
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Dear Dammers,

I am excited to report that Hansen Dam will be going thru some new and good changes, our restaurant will be under new management by Mike Begakis of Monterrey Concessions, he is redoing the entire restaurant and bar which is currently open and expected to have his bar open by February 8, 2018 including a new menu, TV’s, cooking equipment, new hours and a polite and friendly crew. The restaurant now has an A rating for the first time in a long time. The Starter window is going to be moved into the new pro shop that will reopen soon. Our golf range will have grass range Monday thru Friday’s. The Golf Course Staff has insured us that the greens are going to be continuously worked on till they are tournament ready. The SCGA also is going to remeasure and rerate our course, tees distance is going to be spread out and new score card printed with new golf course logo.

I will set up a mini tournament sometime in February and have a club meeting to discuss our direction, we are currently at 38 members and growing, please let your friends know that we are accepting new members and look forward to playing golf with new and former players.

My apologies for not allocating enough tee times for this upcoming tournament, I underestimated the demand for players this weekend and have made correction for future tournaments. My suggestion is to review our new tournament calendar and let me know as early as possible to insure play.


Victor Garza 
HDMGC President

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